Sep 02 2014

Veblen Reflection

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Veblen suggests in the reading that we are divided into different class systems: the leisure class and the working class. The working class is influenced by what the leisure class does and participates in. Veblen describes conspicuous consumption as the leisure class buying expensive things to show off to their peers essentially and the industry class only buys what’s needed because that’s the only option for them. This reading made me think of how the most powerful people in today’s society are also the richest and spend on luxurious items. For example, you always hear about Beyoncé or George Clooney buying multiple homes or $100,000 cars or famous people in general displaying their wealth with material items to exude their power. And as the lower class we are influenced by these displays of wealth and we want to make money to buy these luxurious items, as well.

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