Sep 02 2014

Veblen’s Conspicuous Consumption

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Veblen’s theory of conspicuous consumption is something that is very prevalent in our society. It describes the idea that people will consume or purchase things to display their wealth and income (“to show off”) rather than to purchase things because they need them.  I think that this type of behavior is more common among the upper class both because they have the money to spend it however they want and they also feel some sort of pressure to live up to the expectations held by their lifestyle. Consumption is used as a way to impress others or hint at one’s status, and doing it conspicuously suggests that it is something that wants to be noticed or visible to all.  Even though I believe this type of consumption occurs most often with wealth individuals, I do think that it is also present in all classes because humans are always looking to impress others or get approval. Consuming conspicuously will always be a part of our society since we are always seeking admiration and power, but it is also a negative aspect of our society that is contributing to our materialistic ways.

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