Sep 04 2014

Fiske Response

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My favorite points of this piece were the description of youth, without purchasing power, simply, “proletarian shopping.” While these young people in Australia brought the occasional fights and drinking, their presence is undoubtedly significant. As a group of consumers, they decide and nearly dictate what stores aiming for their attention should carry. In the U.S., famed tween store Aeropostale recently had to redo their entire store in order to keep up with these youth, who only purchased things through their parents.

As for their parents, specifically, shopping mothers, different stores need to be set up. These women are given their own shops, like Loft. Having worked their for one summer, often my clients would be empowered, getting joy from using their husband’s credit cards. They would say things like, “well, just don’t tell him!” Other women, however, would try on different clothing and one, upon seeing that a dress was lower cut, said, “my husband wouldn’t let me out in this.” The difference in gender roles, specifically clothing, is a topic begging to be studied and discussed further.

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