Sep 04 2014

Fiske’s Shopping for Pleasure

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I 100% agree with what Fiske was arguing in this paper. Though I do not feel like I am in “the religious congregation [that] is powerless, led like sheep through the rituals and meanings…” (306). I have fallen victim a few times to being “forced to ‘buy'” an item before leaving a store or the mall because either someone in my family or a friend has bought something and I don’t want to come off as cheap and walk out of the store empty handed. Or it could be a like conspicuous consumption where I buy items to show off my wealth or in the worst case scenario, I buy items because it’s the new “trend” and I don’t want to be the one using “vintage” items. This article basically points out the flaws in society because shopping is something that everyone can do, but there are times when people can’t afford what the trend is. Therefore, if you are poor or unemployed, shopping is something that you would like to do, and in some cases, spend the money that one could possibly not have because according to Fiske: “Shopping malls are cathedrals of consumption” (306) that don’t discriminate on anyone.

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