Sep 04 2014

Fiske’s Shopping for Pleasure: Malls, Power and Resistance

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The most interesting part of John Fiske’s Shopping for Pleasure: Malls, Power, and Resistance was in the very first sentence- “shopping malls are cathedrals for consumption.” This could not be more accurate when describing the materialistic society that we live in today. Americans basically “worship” it and almost need it in their lives. Shopping malls have a way of dragging the consumer in, convincing them to buy products that often times are not necessities. For example, Fiske points out the example in which someone feels left out while shopping with their friends for the day when they see that their friends have purchased items and they have not. This feeling alone is enough to make them want to buy something just so they don’t feel left out. (Unfortunately, I fall victim to this way too often.) Similar to what Veblen was arguing in his theory of conspicuous consumption, our society today thrives off our ability to consume items, products, and services.

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