Sep 07 2014

Strasser Reading Response

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New Products, New Habits was the chapter in Strasser’s book that stood out to me the most because it was very interesting reading about how we are almost trained to think we need certain items as new products are introduced and demand for them increases. One sentence that describes this theory very well was “people who had never bought corn flakes were taught to need them; those formerly content to buying oats scooped from the grocer’s bin were informed about why they should prefer Quaker Oats from a box.” As a consumer, I was unaware of how he introduction of a new product can affect the habits and routines of our lives (like the razor). Along with the idea of creating routines and habits among consumers was advertising. By convincing people that these new products were necessary as aspects of cultural and social life changed, consumers began to integrate these new products into their daily lives.

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