Sep 07 2014

Strasser Reflection

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Strasser starts off in her book “Satisfaction Guaranteed” by going through the history of how Crisco was made, established, and marketed to the American population. I thought this chapter was interesting, because it kind of shows the history of how America started marketing items and making them in factories to eventually mass produce them and hopefully make every household happy with their product. This is just one example of many products that instigated the movement of making products to satisfy each and every customer. She talks about the changing of marketable items on page 17 “new needs surfaced in tandem with new products and with new ways of life characterized urban industrial society” With the changing in times, where we once had Crisco on store shelves satisfying customers, now we see items in stores like “Bacon Mac n Cheese” potato chips. These chips sell because they are a novelty item and it satisfies customers needs in this modern day society. The dichotomy between today’s marketable items and the ones she describes in this chapter shows how our wants have changed over the years. Things have started to get more and more ridiculous, because they’re running out of ideas, in my opinion, or maybe they’re just having fun with the idea of making the most ridiculous chip flavor ever imagined. I find it incredible that at one point in order to have clothes on your body you wouldn’t go down to your local mall and buy it, but you would have to learn to stitch and make it yourself before the industrial revolution and mass production.

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