Sep 08 2014

Strasser Reflection Post

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The first segment of Susan Strasser’s book “Satisfaction Guaranteed: The Making of the American Mass Market” describes how American brand capitalism evolved throughout the twentieth century. An example of a change in the market is the baking grease product Crisco and how it was first marketed to the public. First developed in 1912, manufacturer Proctor & Gamble stressed the fact that this was a breakthrough product, something ‘new’ that everyone needed. Strasser argues that this marketing tactic was synonymous with the way American capitalism has evolved into a brand-name centered hub of corporate consumerism. In this way, manufacturers realized they could manipulate demand by using aggressive marketing techniques to lure consumers into purchasing their products. The implications of this, Strasser argues, is that the American marketplace has turned into a sphere that is very focused on expensive brand names. From the manufacturer’s point of view, the primary concern was and still is not necessarily to fulfill specific needs of buyers, but rather to capture the market and reap profits. This so far has been an interesting book to read and I’m curious what the rest of the Strasser’s work has in store.

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