Sep 11 2014

Kiel James Patrick and Sarah Vickers: Classy Girls Blog

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I never appreciated, or missed New England when traveling, until I left. My hometown of Sandy Hook, Conn., was unheard of before December 2012’s tragedy, and since then it’s been practically restored to it’s unexciting state. Sandy Hook served as a perfect community to grow up in, though my family and I spent a lot of time visiting Cape Cod, Newport, or Okemo Mtn., VT. When I realized that I would be leaving the area and spending my collegiate years in Virginia at UMW, I knew I had to have something to keep home closer.

Franny Glass bracelet from KJP's Cape and Brighton Beach line

Franny Glass bracelet from KJP’s Cape and Brighton Beach line – $40.00

Enter Kiel James Patrick, a classic New England bracelet and accessory maker who’s fame peaked just in time for me to start touring colleges. I could wear t-shirts from The Black Dog or Vineyard Vines (Martha’s Vineyard), stick SKI VERMONT bumper stickers on everything I own, and default to my Bean Boots when I really missed home. But I wanted something more subtle for my time in the south, and Kiel’s bracelets were exactly what I “needed.” The first one I received was a gift from my father, heightening the sentimental value. He chose the Franny Glass bracelet from KJP’s Cape and Brighton Beach.

Kiel’s works also include traditional knot bracelets with his iconic anchor latch, a very small collection of men’s button down shirts, belts, and neck/bow ties. Bracelets run anywhere from $35.00-$68.00, a fair price considering their originality is unmatched by rival New England accessory lines (that’s you, Lemon & Line, The Black Dog, and even Vineyard Vines). In terms of pricing, the only rival brand less expensive is Lemon & Line, with bracelets at a blanket price of $25.00. But these less expensive accessories are harder to find, as KJP covers the New England market. Small boutiques (Darien Sports Shop) and small chains (In The Pink, Island Outfitters) throughout New England are optimal places to purchase KJP products. Across the East coast,they can be found in the likes of Hilton Head, SC, Wilmington, NC, and Saratoga Springs, NY. Internationally, they can be found in a handful of stores in places as far as Rome.

Kiel, who’s branded himself as “KJP,” does an outstanding job when it comes to communication with his followers. He and fiancé Sarah Vickers, who has her own headband and earring line, galavant throughout New England to meet shoppers. They boast active twitter, instagram, and tumblr accounts, and take every opportunity to showcase their picturesque lives. For more text heavy posts and collaboration announcements (the couple has worked with shops like Royal Male), they each have their own blogs. Sarah’s is Classy Girls Wear Pearls, which inspired my own post title. Their relationships with fans only boost their electronic word of mouth; upon meeting my friend at In The Pink Boutique on Martha’s Vineyard, they helped her record a Happy Birthday video for me! They can frequently be seen interacting with their followers online and in person, always sharing where they bought aspects of their wardrobes and inspirations behind their designs. Lastly, their team of summer interns boast their own social media accounts, allowing the rest of us to almost participate in their exciting lives.

Kiel James Patrick and fiancé Sarah Vickers break from the 2014 Tory Burch show in front of the Pulitzer Fountain (NYC).


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