Sep 12 2014

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The Laguna LE300

This beautiful guitar pictured above is the Laguna LE300. I purchased mine from my local GuitarCenter in Arlington about three years ago now. The model that I bought is the exact same as the one pictured above. It is characterized by its Antique Vintage Burst finish with a 22-fret Rosewood fret-board. On it, the frets have centrally placed abalone inlays and the pickup configuration is humbucker/single coil/single coil (Custom Alnicos). The pickup selector is 5-way. The body of the Laguna LE300 is made out of carved swamp ash, while the one-piece neck is produced out of hard-rock maple.

Linked above is a video of jazz fusion guitarist Greg Howe talking about the Laguna LE300 model. Greg Howe is an influence to me as a guitarist because his technique is outstanding yet his style is smooth and fluid. When I first started playing guitar about five or six years ago, I discovered him and was immediately impressed. Below is a quick video of him improvising to a backing track named “Bird’s Eye View”. Notice the guitar is an ESP; this is before he became sponsored by Laguna.

The Laguna LE300 can be purchased at any GuitarCenter, although they may not always be on stock. As for smaller music stores, it’s hit or miss. Laguna is not as well-known a manufacturer as Gibson, Fender or Ibanez; thus, their stock is less likely to be available at local music stores. Another place where they can be found quite readily, however, is the internet. Online music stores such as Musician’s Friend have a large inventory of all musical instruments and companies imaginable. While I purchased mine used at my local GuitarCenter, I’ve used those online marketplaces in the past as well.

As this model is a few years old, the prices have gone down. It is a high-quality guitar available for a very reasonable price. I paid around $330 (gently used) in 2011 when I bought it. A quick Google search showed me that it the general price range is between $349.99-$369.99. This means the model is in fact quite affordable, especially compared with other Lagunas which tend to be on the pricier side. I didn’t find out about this guitar through the internet, rather I spotted it at the GuitarCenter when I was shopping around and really liked it the look of it. It also reminded me of Greg Howe and how he plays Laguna guitars- I wanted to have a guitar that had that smooth, warm sound as well.

I really like this guitar. It’s my second guitar, my first being an Ibanez RG652. I prefer it to the Ibanez, as it just has a more graceful appearance and a gentler sound. It’s the perfect guitar for jazz or blues, although if you crank up the distortion you can get good rock or metal sounds from it as well. I prefer the neck pickup (the single coil) when I play it because it accentuates the low ends more than the clangier bridge humbucker. When I play, I normally use mild distortion with some delay to get that sound that I really like.

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