Sep 14 2014

Satisfaction Guaranteed Pt. 2

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In the second half of her book “Satisfaction Guaranteed: The Making of the American Mass Market”, Susan Strasser continues her documentation of the evolution of name-brand centered consumerism in American society. She describes how the population, which was “accustomed to homemade products and unbranded merchandise”, eventually switched into a consumerist society dominated by standardized and mass-produced goods. Strasser outlined the advertising and marketing techniques employed by manufacturers that helped enable this shift. This includes how products were sold and packaged as well. This transition also denoted the switch, in Strasser’s words, from the “customer to the consumer”. The start of the ‘supermarket era’ was also accentuated by political change. In all, a very interesting and illuminating account of how our society has come to worship brand-named goods- something that was further demonstrated during our shopping blog presentation!

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