Sep 14 2014

Strasser Part 2

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The book describes the practice of putting premiums in their products and I was really surprised as to how far these companies would go to sell and advertise their product. It says they were shooting Quaker oats from canons and having a show on train stations advertising their product. This reminds me of going to basketball games and having the cannon shoot out a chipotle burrito as an advertising method. I am very surprised this method started in in the early 20th century. I find the shows at train stations to be a very intelligent advertising method, because it’s like a live commercial for the everyday person. It probably made people feel special and connected to the brand, because they could see the show live in person and want to buy their product. It also amazes me that they even figured out the weakness of advertising especially for children. They specially targeted children as consumers by putting toys, dolls, and puzzles in their products. This reminds me of babysitting and watching the nickelodeon channel with my niece and how any product that was pink she HAD to have and whined to her mother until she would get what she wanted or forgot about it.

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