Sep 14 2014

Strasser, Pt. 2

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In the second part of Strasser’s book, Satisfaction Guaranteed, I really enjoyed reading the chapter entitled Sales and Promotions. What I found interesting about this chapter was how companies grasped the attention of their customers by including special prizes or collectibles. These ranged from small cutouts to tea sets! I think I find this so interesting because 1) it allowed consumers the opportunity to try and convince their friends to buy that product to try and barter the goods that came from the box. 2) when I was younger, these types of prizes attracted me to the products and I would beg my parents to buy whatever the item was. It is interesting to see how long this type of promotion has been around and to see how it has expanded over the past 100+ years. I also think it will be interesting to see how much it will progress in the future.

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