Sep 14 2014

Strasser Reflection 2

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Strasser continuously covers a lot of ground and topics in a short segment. However, the cause and effect of these pages are interesting… consumers are encouraged to buy from one brand or another, or specific shops, incentivized by sales and rewards programs. Even in big ticket items, like entire bathroom sets, they are enticed with simple prizes hidden amongst showrooms. I immediately thought of Ikea, and their many display bathrooms, set up with furniture to show buyers that it is easy to decorate. Of course, there aren’t prizes there, but they do borrow Strasser’s next topic of discussions: cash registers.

The price differences in registers made sense to me, but I really have no idea how expensive they are today. At the retail store I work at, the register and cash drawers are connected to our computer system, so I assume they are costly. Corporate constantly oversees their maintenance, preferring to fix individual parts instead of upgrading/buying new systems for us, different than Strasser’s historical shops which individually chose register models. On a final note, I thought the advertisement for one register featuring a dying man was a bit over the top…

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