Sep 14 2014

Strasser Reflection Part 2

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Strasser’s chapter on Sales and Promotions focuses on the ideas that emerged in order to increase sales across major brands. For example, promotional materials and premiums were used as incentives for people to buy more products. Premiums were considered promotional items that could be received for a small fee after proof of purchase or even an item that came with a product for free. These premiums induced multiple sales and were also the traditional promotional tool in the tobacco industry. As Strasser explains later on, “premiums enabled manufacturers to induced continuous patronage. The New Retailing chapter introduced the idea of old-fashioned distribution that focuses on community based relationships to the shift towards more efficient systems of moving and making merchandise. Unlike the past, speed and economy are necessary for a product to be successful in the market. I found it very interesting in the last chapter The Politics of Packaged Products how political expression even played a role in production, distribution and advertising. The “progressive” thinking that Strasser introduces is also linked to the new phenomenon’s of corporate organization, mass production, mass distribution, and the national market.

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