Sep 18 2014

Clothes for Climbers and much much more..

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If you don’t already own anything Patagonia, you’re missing out. Patagonia is a clothing company that is focused mainly on outdoor clothing. Since it was founded in 1970’s it has expanded its products to anything from jackets, to pants, hats, socks, wetsuits, backpacks and gear to even kids clothing. What makes Patagonia stand out from other outdoor clothing companies is its dedication to the environment. This company is a major contributor to environmental groups, for example donating 1% of its sales to environmental groups every year. They support and donate to countless eco-friendly groups and show that through the quality of their products.


The item that I am choosing to share with you is the W’s Re-Tool Snap-T® Pullover. I received this as a Christmas gift last year after seeing so many people wear them around campus. This Patagonia that I own is gray and has pink edges, but it comes in a variety of colors such as white, blue, red, purple, green and so on. On the Patagonia website this item costs $119. Since I knew “Santa” wouldn’t spend that much money I searched elsewhere for it at a cheaper price. Online there are so many websites that sell this item at a lower price. I ordered mine from , which is also an online outdoor clothing website. There they sell this item for as low as $71.40. There are many other Patagonia items that are sold there as well for much cheaper prices. Not only do they sell Patagonia online but they also sell Patagonia products in outdoors stores or sporting goods stores such as Dick’s ($119), Sports Authority, or Modells. I think that if someone was really interested in buying Patagonia products that they should first search online because there are so many websites such as ($109) ($64), , ($119), and  ($119).(these are only a few of the websites that carry Patagonia products.) I also believe that the Re-Tool Snap-T Pullover is a fairly popular item, so it can be found easily.

There are Patagonia retail stores all across the nation; the majority in California where it was founded. Aside from the retail stores in the United States, there are also retail stores in Italy, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Chile, Argentina, and more. Aside from searching for Patagonia retail stores, Patagonia’s website also provides all its online partners such as ,,,, and more. Most importantly you don’t need to go to a retail store to buy a Patagonia because you can find them in any outdoor or sporting goods store or website.

Founded by a climber himself (hence my title “Clothes for Climbers”), Yvon Chouinard first began by making climbing gear and hardware. By 1970 Chouinard Equipment became the largest supplier of climbing gear in the United States. However, his equipment was extremely damaging to the rocks. This was his first big environmental step. After finding an alternative to hammering pitons (aluminum), this ever-growing company expanded into the clothing industry and now takes pride in creating clothing of organic cotton and environmentally friendly fabrics (after years of trial and error).

In terms of eWOM, many of those who chose to write reviews talked about how they decided to “splurge” on this item and as a result were happy that they did. Various people commented on how soft and comfortable their pullover was and how they loved the vibrant colors that were offered. Aside from the look and feel of it, owners of this item said they wear it when it is “chilly” out or even after working out. Overall, the quality of this item is high and many people have commented on how often they wear it. I also follow Patagonia on Instagram where they post images of their products along with pictures of their team members hiking, surfing, and climbing. Through their Instagram it is obvious that they are very focused on the community and “closeness” of their company. Aside from pictures of their products, ambassadors and scenic images they also post promoting their dedication to environmentalism.

I chose to post this item because it is part of my wardrobe that I wear constantly once it gets colder out and because it is a product of high quality that anyone could be happy purchasing.  Personally, I love the look and feel of it. This item specifically could appeal to anyone in his or her teenage years and beyond. There are both men’s and women’s pullovers along with variations of this product that would satisfy anyone looking for a high quality outdoor clothing item. Not only would I recommend the Retool Pullover Snap-T, but I would also recommend any Patagonia products because of their quality and dedication to something bigger than their company, such as the environment.

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