Sep 18 2014

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For my second shopping blog contribution, I’ve decided to talk about the razor I own: the Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide. It may seem somewhat corny to do a shopping blog post about a razor, but I remembered the idea being thrown out when we first discussed publishing the shopping blog posts. With that idea in mind, I realized a few aspects of Susan Strasser’s work were demonstrated with the Gillette example. For instance, Gillette seems to have a monopoly on non-disposable razors. Also, the advertising tactics of Gillette show that they are well aware of this fact. I would be willing to bet if asked, most people wouldn’t be able to name more than one brand of high-end razors other than Gillette. At least for male consumers.

The advertisement above is pretty common to see on TV.

Obviously, this product is fairly straightforward, and not nearly as interesting as my previous item. However, it does provide a pretty decent clean shave. I’m not a particularly beard-prone person, but I’ve used it at least every other day since I’ve gotten it. It runs for between $13.99-$14.99, so its a fairly affordable product considering the only real maintenance you may need would be to replace the batteries once they run out and clean it. If it were to completely break, replacing it by simply buying a new one is not that bad an option. That’s the benefit of manufacturing a good that is not terribly expensive and has decent longevity; it isn’t economically unbearable to replace. I bought it at the Commissary- the military supermarket that you can find on bases and find reduced priced goods- so I got it for a little cheaper, around $11.00.

As far as electronic word of mouth goes, Gillette’s ads for the Fusion Pro-Glide can be found on many sites, such as YouTube or FaceBook. Especially the ad that I linked above can be spotted all over the internet. In conclusion, I recommend this particular razor. It is a dependable product that I assume most men that shave regularly are in the market for. Gillette does market exclusively for men, but it would be an adequate razor for women as well.


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