Sep 28 2014

Downtown Fredericksburg Fieldwork

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I arrived to downtown Fredericksburg at 11:09 on a beautiful Friday afternoon. It was sunny with a slight breeze and perfect for a stroll through downtown Fredericksburg. Many of the consumers (like myself) drove to downtown or if they lived close enough walked there. Employees drive to their workplace and the transportation for the goods I noticed were big trucks that block the roadways. The retail spaces that I found myself in were mainly specialty stores. These stores included: bike works, Riverside Books Riverby Gallery, and Hyperion. Two of these stores were nearly empty aside from the one employee and myself. However, Hyperion had a good amount of people so I could see shopping patterns at this store. People would buy their coffee but then go outside and sit and people watch or do homework or talk with friends. At the bike shop there’s was one younger athletic guy to greet you. At the book shop there was one young guy sitting behind the cash register. However, at Hyperion the baristas were to two young females. The merchandise being sold obviously was bikes, books, and coffee. However there was novelty items at the book shop like hats, movies, and cds. At Hyperion you can buy a t shirt or sweater with Hyperion on it. I have no personal connection with the bike shop except for the fact that I occasionally ride a bike. I have a very personal connection with Hyperion however as i’ve had three first dates here and come here to study frequently. Something unusual I noticed is the emptiness during a weekday compared to a weekend day and it made me wonder how stores stay open or if maybe this Friday was just a fluke. My overall analysis is that I think it’s very important to support locally owned book shops and coffee shops which are prevalent in Fredericksburg. This factor also adds to the overall aesthetic that Fredericksburg has, which I got from strolling around is kind of young hippy earthy crunchy types which is an interesting dichotomy to the actual population of Fredericksburg which is old white people. What I get from this is that these businesses are smart and trying to attract the money from the college students, but its also an interesting mix of stores, because of all the antique shopping for the older generation.

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