Sep 28 2014

Fieldwork- Downtown Fredericksburg

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As I arrived to Downtown Fredericksburg on Friday, September 26 around 11 am, I noticed a few aspects about downtown relatively quickly. Because it was a Friday morning and being sunny, around 70 degrees, there were quite a few commuters and customers walking around, taking the bus/trolley, or even biking. Like downtown always is, there was quite a bit of vehicle traffic as well; I contributed to that by driving to do my fieldwork. Many customers were sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. Although I only saw one, there was a truck delivering items to its specific store. The three stores that wandered into were different types of retail space. The first of the three stores was Pappagallo, located across the street from Hyperion. Pappagallo is a home goods retail space and/or a tourist attraction. Walking into the store for the first time, customers can tell that the store is mainly for personal pampering or to give away as gifts. Items are organized by countries and imported from France, Egypt, and all over the United States. Items range from lotion candles, to flags, to shaped graphite pencils, to decorative clocks..just to name a few. When talking to the sales representative, she was inviting, friendly and personable, but was not the owner of the store. The only personal connection I have to this store is that it reminds me of Plow and Hearth, a store that I frequent when I go home. The next store that I ventured into was Goolrick’s. Goolrick’s is a modern pharmacy located at the end of downtown. What I found weird about Goolrick’s was that food and medications/prescriptions are sold in the restaurant along with food. Although this building is owned by the Goolrick family, I was waited on by just an employee. I have no personal connection to Goolrick’s because I have never encountered a pharmacy and restaurant in one building. The third store that I walked into was Forage. Forage is a locally owned consignment shop that sells vintage type of clothing. I did have the pleasure of meeting the owner of this store, but again I had no personal connection with the store other than curiosity helped to push me to walk in. With Pappagallo and Forage, I was the only customer that was in the store at the time I was doing my research. At Goolrick’s, there were a number of customers eating or talking.  With all three stores, I only encountered female employees. My overall analysis of downtown is that it appeals to all senses. With the many types of stores that are located downtown, all types of people and generations have at least one store that they can walk into and find items they want to buy. Also, downtown appeals to the local college students because of its location and the many types of restaurants and specialty store that college students buy from.

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