Oct 02 2014

Vasque Women’s TALUS ULTRADRY™

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These are my favorite boots, Vasque’s women’s TALUS ULTRADRY™. About a year ago when I was down a pair of boots, and newly unemployed, I asked my husband to buy me a pair. He agreed but insisted on buying me quality waterproof hiking boots, instead of the type I buy myself, which usually look more like this:

I had forgotten how nice it was to have a pair of nice hiking boots. My Vasque boots are tough and, comfortable and yes, waterproof. I have hiked streams and waterfalls and the river in them and my feet have not gotten wet once. A few weeks ago, I hiked up Crabtree falls in my Vasque boots, and the next week I went up Old Rag in my runners. The boots were a much better choice for a steep, rocky hike.

We purchased my Vasque boots at campmor.com, where they are currently listed for $149.98. (I honestly didn’t think they cost more than about $100.00 but I think it’s more likely that I was mistaken than the price went up!) Vasque sells them for $159.99. A Google shopping search shows similar styles for less, however the lowest price this exact pair can be purchased at seems to be $132.99 at onlineshoes.com.

The description from Vasque’s website reads as follows: ”The original mountain boots relied on durable leather and minimal stitching for toughness and weatherproofing. They also weighed six pounds. We take the common-sense tradition of a leather boot and build into it modern, lightweight technology to let you fly in the mountains. Set your sights on a summit, but every so often check out your feet. They’ll look classic, but you won’t believe how they climb and feel. Retro appeal and performance that coaxes more from you and your adventure.” They have Vibram® soles and are made of Waterproof Nubuck Leather and Abrasion Resistant Mesh. I’m afraid I must have pushed the abrasion resistant mesh to its limit because the toes are very scuffed up and I need to refinish and condition the leather.

The description on the campmor website mentions several times that these boots lend themselves to long days on your feet. The eWOM on campmor consists of 3 reviews, which average 4.5/5 stars. Only one reviewer there went into detail AND actually hiked in the boot, and she gave it 4/5 stars. Google also shows ratings of over 4 stars on these boots as reviewed on rei.com, gearinstitute.com, amazon.com, among others. Also, on smartertravel.com, it received a positive product review, receiving a 9.4/10 overall.

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