Oct 03 2014

SCOUT: The Mightah Bin

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SCOUT is a Washington, DC based company that makes a variety of storage and organizational products. Creator and co-owner Deb Johns wanted to provide women with stylish but functional designs. The company does this by selling the products customers know and love, in an easy to care for fabric, and rolling out new patterns twice a year. While the majority of SCOUT customers are women, they are women from all age groups and stages of life. SCOUT sells everything from backpacks to casserole dish covers in a variety of colors and patterns that will appeal to any style or taste. SCOUT’s website, however, does note that the company’s products have reached a “cult status” in the South, likely because of the preppy color combinations and the ability to monogram certain items.


I am a big fan of SCOUT’s storage bins. I discovered them shortly before I moved into my dorm freshman year and I’ve been hooked ever since! In my apartment I use a mix of the Mightah Bin and Shoulda Bin. The Shoulda Bin is larger and great for storing books, snacks, even extra clothes. (I’ve used mine in pretty much every way possible over the last three and a half years!) I am partial to the Mightah Bin.


At 9” x 9” x 9”, they are small enough to fit on a bookshelf while deep enough to actually store things inside of them. They are 100% polypropylene, so the clean-up that is necessary after an inevitable leak or spill is easy. I love how unlike traditional storage bins, the handles are soft so they don’t scratch my hands when I’m carrying them while loading things into my car or apartment. Finally, the best part is that the Mightah Bin is totally collapsable! The bottom folds up so that even when not in use it is a truly efficient use of space.

Customers can get their hands on the Mightah Bin in several ways. The most obvious and simple option is to order one directly from SCOUT. Ordering directly will allow customers to choose from any pattern in the current season, but the drawback is that SCOUT rarely marks down popular items like the Mightah Bin, even at the end of the season. Another option is to go to a local retailer that orders SCOUT products wholesale. The company has a tool on its website that helps customers find their nearest retailer. (Lydia’s Monogrammed Gifts on William Street sells SCOUT products here in Fredericksburg.) While these independent shops are more likely to have sales at the end of each season, customers will not have access to the entire collection. They will only be able to select from the patterns that the retailer has chosen to buy wholesale. Finally, SCOUT will sometimes sell items from past seasons through Amazon. I would only recommend buying from Amazon if a customer is specifically looking for backstock that is not available directly through SCOUT or a local retailer, as Amazon’s prices are not that great. Overall, SCOUT’s website, scoutbags.com, has the best selection, and local retailers have the best prices at certain times of the year.

Mightah Bins retail for $18, which is how much they sell for on the SCOUT website. Amazon.com was selling one in a Summer 2014 pattern for $19.95, which is why I recommend just ordering directly. Some websites will sell Mightah Bins in sets of two. Houzz.com was selling such a set for $36, while dormsmart.com was selling their sets of two for $47.98. A small gift shop in Wayne, PA that also has an online store was also selling them for $40.

There is very little electronic word of mouth about SCOUT products. The SCOUT website itself does not allow customers to review its products, and brick and mortar stores do not have the option of online reviews anyway. The few reviews on Amazon.com were all 5 stars, saying that the Mightah Bin is “quite sturdy” and the material “is easy to wipe off to clean.” Another customer echoed that sentiment saying, “the material is water resistant and easily cleaned with a damp cloth,” and added that “handles make it easy to transport.”

The Mightah Bin is an excellent addition to any dorm room or apartment. I love mine and would encourage anyone looking to make the most of a small space to buy one!



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