Oct 05 2014

Nickel and Dimed Reflection

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My worst fears have been slightly confirmed by this book. I’ve known for a long time that living off one minimum wage job is impossible, but I never gave much thought to minimum wage in slightly impoverished areas. Everyone is forced to make a living, and although this study was completed a while ago, Barbra doesn’t have too hard of a time finding a job in either city. That made me laugh ironically, because this past summer I worked very hard, submitting dozens of application to only get two job offers, after two weeks.

Barbra was responsible with her money, but I shudder to think about those who do not plan as carefully. I’m sure that after working so hard at minimum wage jobs, people learn to be financially responsible. But there are always bumps in the road, and not everything is spelled out. For example, Barbra believes that George, accused of stealing, didn’t even know the rules about what is alright to take and what isn’t. It also seems as though there are certain “rules” to lower paying jobs, like how Barbra preferred to do housekeeping instead of being a front desk clerk.

Personally, I would rather be a front desk clerk, instead of cleaning rooms. But with that job, I’m sure, are a thousand smaller responsibilities attached. This end of corporate America is just unfavorable, and I very much hope that my degree after four years at UMW will be my salvation from it.

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