Oct 08 2014

Eyeconic Indian Art- Tapestry

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The product that I chose to share for my second shopping blog post was a tapestry wall hanging that I recently ordered from Esty.com. In the past few years I have noticed a rise in popularity of tapestries, especially in college houses and dorm rooms. Most that I have seen consist of patterns or artwork that is pleasing to the eye. They can also have a vintage look to them that can be used for decoration or furniture coverings. After doing some research about tapestries I found that in the 14th century tapestries were a symbol of nobility and would often portray important events or favorite stories.

The tapestry that I purchased is called “India Bedding Sheet”(bedspread wall hanging tapestry ethnic decor vintage india hippy boho decor art). This specific tapestry was $18.99 on etsy.com. Since this was a handmade item, shipped from India, I do not think that you could purchase this exact pattern of tapestry from any other site besides Etsy. The item details were that it is a “colorful screen printed tapestry from Sanganer, India.” It made of 100% soft cotton with a circular pattern on it that is mainly blue with orange and red accents. The size of it is 60 X 90 inches so this could also be used on a twin sized bed. The item details also describe this tapestry as a “work of textile art made in limited quantities.” Versha Tangda is the owner of Eyeconic Indian Art and is the seller of this tapestry along many other handcrafted Indian art products.


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Tapestry wall hangings can be purchased from websites such as urbanoutfitters.com, amazon.com, trippystore.com, worldmarket.com, and soul-flower.com and sunshinedaydream.com. Most of these websites sell tapestries anywhere from $15- $35 dollars, however Urban Outfitters sell anywhere from $40-$80 (and sometimes even more expensive. It is important to take into account the size of the tapestry as well when looking at the price. Large tapestries will obviously be much more expensive than smaller ones. If someone were to look for this specific tapestry etsy.com would be the only seller through Eyeconic Indian Art. Although I found tapestries with similar colors, there was not one that looked like the one I purchased. Eyeconic Indian Art made a variety of different tapestries all for similar prices. Another way to purchase tapestries would be to go out to small, individually owned stores that sell them. I do not know of any big chain stores besides Urban Outfitters that sell them directly in their stores. Vendors at fairs along with the vendors that are set up on campus during the beginning of the year would also be another place to look at and purchase a tapestry.

As I mentioned earlier, Versha Tangda is the owner of Eyeconic Indian Arts and was the seller of this specific tapestry on etsy.com. In her biography provided by Etsy she mentions that her company started working with Etsy in order to get an opportunity to connect with people all over the world while maintaining a satisfied customer relations. They are regarded as a reliable service provider for men’s and women’s items as well as interior decorating items and paintings. One aspect that I found to be interesting was she noted that they “work in association with village’s craftsman, artisans, widow women and jobless persons who made all items by hand.” Customers shopping on Etsy also have the opportunity to contact or “ask a question” to the sellers of items that they are interested in. Etsy.com is described as a marketplace where people around the world can connect to buy and sell unique goods. It is an e-commerce website “focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items under Etsy’s new guidelines, released in October 2013.”

In terms of eWOM, there was nothing but positive feedback about the product itself. Customers said things such as “It’s so pretty,” “Awesome tapestry,” “Very nice fabric, I love it,” “Very affordable for such great quality,” and much more. The only downside that I read and that I experienced myself was that since it was shipped from India it took a little longer than expected to finally reach me. I believe that it takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks to be delivered to its destination. In my opinion, it was worth the wait because it is great quality and exactly what I expected.

I chose to post this particular item because I have seen this growing trend of tapestry wall hangings since coming to school. They can make great decorations as well as furniture covers. Many websites offer very reasonably priced but good quality tapestries. However, since there is a wider variety of tapestries that are sold online rather than in stores, customers might be more cautious when purchasing something that they cant tangibly hold in a store. I believe that if you find a reliable website that you are comfortable purchasing from than you can find a tapestry that will work for your unique style. I would definitely recommend this tapestry and any of the tapestries from Versha Tangda’s company. This tapestry is exactly what I expected to get in terms of color and pattern and quality; and the company was reliable and trustworthy. My generation especially seems to purchase tapestries for decorations, therefore this specific tapestry or any tapestry from this company is something that I would recommend in the future.




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