Oct 10 2014

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For my shopping blog I decided to write about my coffee pot that I bought freshman year and has lasted until now. Which I think is rather incredible due to the fact that it’s sold at a low price of 18.99 at target. This coffee pot is essentially the most basic coffee pot you can buy, therefore, if you go to any target, Walmart, or place that sells coffee pots a consumer will most likely find it for sale. What I found interesting was the cost at Walmart was more expensive than the cost at target. At target, as I said, it was 18.99 but at Walmart for the same model its cost is $19.67. This surprised me, because consumers always hear that Walmart has the cheapest prices, but according to this they actually do not. Then, I checked Amazon.com and they were selling it for 19.67, as well.

I was conflicted at first, if I should buy a more expensive coffee pot, like a Keurig, but then I decided that I am a poor college student and honestly I drink nearly half to- a full pot of coffee a day, so I needed something cheap and will make a full pot of coffee for me. Keurig’s only make one cup at a time and that’ just not enough to get me through the day. I also realized K cups were way too expensive for my low budget at the moment. Maybe when I graduate I will one as my gift to myself. I’ve realized I have an actual problem with coffee but I can’t stop. I believe I got lucky with this coffee pot, because it has lasted me three years and I’ve definitely gotten my use out of it.

I thought it was important to mention the retailer at which I bought this coffee pot, because compared to Walmart and Amazon.com it was a dollar cheaper. Target doesn’t treat its employees the way consumers hear Walmart treat their employees. Compared to Amazon.com consumers don’t have to wait for Amazon to send their purchase in the mail.

Mr. Coffee was founded in Ohio which was surprising, because when I think about good coffee, I don’t generally think about the mid-west. Mr. Coffee was the first creator of the Automatic drip coffee maker in 1972 and is a top-selling brand today. At Target the EWOM was 3.5/5 overall stars. Many people saying it was inexpensive and gets the job done, but it could be better. At Walmart this product got at 3.5/5 overall stars, and Amazon.com it got 3.9/5 stars. Overall, there were reviews saying this product gets the job done but shows it’s cheapness in the lack of features and “plastic-y” taste it produces when drinking the coffee.

Others could be interested in this item if they drink a lot of coffee, if they are poor, and like things that last for a long time. However, they can’t be too picky about the taste of their coffee, just the effects that coffee has on your body.

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