Oct 14 2014

Purchasing Power Reflection Post

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Although this book had many good points, most of them I could relate to. Growing up in Charlottesville, this stereotype of African Americans was present where ever you looked. Most if not all would use their money to buy shoes that were not needed instead of buying a $2 lunch everyday. I have never had the chance to witness a child have to purchase items for the better of others in the family, let alone not specifically for themselves. Chin does a great job in this book in giving examples from previous centuries and present centuries to prove her point; one i specifically remember was talking about how slaves used to steal and sell to make a profit, compared to today’s time where welfare is given because African Americans are too lazy to work. Chin does a great job of outlining “white guilt” and “white privilege” and how it specifically affects African Americans and Caucasians as well.

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