Oct 19 2014

A Year Without Made In China

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Bongioni’s experiment seemed actually brutally honest and practical. I was very relieved to see that she didn’t inconvenience her sister or her neighbor, who had brought Made In China gifts for Wes.  Had she decided to enforce her boycott with those around her, I would have been upset because that simply is not realistic.

Along the lines of others, Bongiorni’s other neighbor, who had several kids and a mortgage, actually apologized to her for not following along. I’m a skeptical person, but I thought being sorry was a bit much. The Bongiorni family didn’t seem quote so strapped for cash and were able to continue their experiment, but the added stress alone would likely make a not-so-comfortable family stress out more. But I also noticed that the Bongioni family was a lot more willing to live on the edge, admitting that their check balance could reach single digits at the end of each month. As someone who takes extreme caution, having single digits in my account would terrify me. Financial security is crucially important, especially with children.

However, Sara Bongiorni won my respect when she admitted that her kids, aged 1 and 4 were the perfect age for this experiment. Wes was certainly too young to really care, though losing out on Crocodile Dentist was a blow for him. However, at that age, kids can easily be made happy again.

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