Oct 19 2014

A Year Without “Made in China” Reflection Post

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A Year Without “Made in China” made me realize that if I gave myself the task of trying to eliminate products made anywhere else but the United States, I would fail. Bongiorni’s account on this situation was interesting. Making the New Years Resolution, Bongiorni didn’t realize how difficult it would be to eliminate the Asian markets products from her home until she was given the task of finding another item that sufficed and got the job done. It was interesting to me to see how long it took her sometimes to find the alternate item because most items in America are from the Asian market system. Doing this project and writing this book opened Bongiorni’s eyes about how the products that aren’t made in America play a huge role in everyone lives and how hard it would be to survive without it. Even products that say “Made in the US” are made in China. I can safely say that I would never put this task on myself of trying to eliminate “Made in China” in my life because it would cause more stress on me than I already have.

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