Oct 19 2014

A Year Without Made in China Reflection

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            A Year Without Made in China, by Sara Bongiorni, is a collection of stories and narratives of her family’s attempt to prohibit Chinese made products. Bongiorni is able to explain, through her own experiences, how influential China is on our daily lives. It is true that more often than not we do not recognize how abundant Chinese products are in our lives. It isn’t long until Bongiorni’s family begins to struggle with this experience. Her husband tries to buy peg-board hooks and is unsuccessful and when her son out grown his shoes it seems that Chinese made shoes are the only ones out there. I never thought of how time consuming this experiment would be. It occurred to me the difficulty of finding alternative products that are not made in China but I never thought of the fact that it could take 2 weeks to find a pair of shoes. Bongiorni begins to see as the year unfolds that the more they try to push China out of their lives, the more they see how far China has pushed in. Another aspect of this experiment that I found surprising was the notion that some products that were packaged and said “Made in the U.S.A” were actually from China after all. This alone has to create distrust between the consumer and the producer, however I do not think that Americans will ever boycott Chinese products like Sara Bongiorni’s family did.

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