Oct 20 2014

A Year Without “Made in China”

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A Year Without “Made in China” chronicles one family’s attempt to not buy Chinese imports. While the experiment made for an interesting read, I feel compelled to say that I found it to be a bit pointless. Bongiorni didn’t seem to know why she was performing the experiment and was constantly looking for loopholes, like the time she asked her sister-in-law to bring candles to her husband’s birthday dinner. I particularly felt bad for her children, who didn’t seem to comprehend why their parents were attempting such an experiment. Certainly I don’t think they needed every Chinese-made toy they wanted, but Bongiorni’s vague reasoning – “We want to give other countries a chance to sell us things” when very few other countries are actually producing things to sell – probably wasn’t any consolation. I found myself a bit frustrated with her when she let her son go without new shoes for a couple of weeks because she wanted to find ones that weren’t made in China, but had moral issues with paying for the Italian-made pair she did happen to find. American companies manufacture their goods in China because it is so cheap to do so, so avoiding Chinese imports probably isn’t the best idea for someone who doesn’t like spending a lot of money. Overall, I saw where Bongiorni was coming from and appreciated her opinion on the matter, but I would have respected her experiment a bit more had she had a better reason than “I just wanted to see if I could do it” for performing it.


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