Oct 26 2014

Orenstein Reflection

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Peggy Orenstein deals with differences in gender in our society and how once girls get to a certain age, they become obsessed with being a Disney princess. I thought a really powerful quote that made me really like this author was “I wanted her to believe that neither some behavior or toy or profession was not for her sex nor that it was mandatory for her sex” This reminded me of my childhood and how my mom and dad would allow me to play with typical boy toys. I have hundreds of race cars and race tracks, along with GI Joes, but I also watched Disney and had barbies. It’s interesting to think what a big role Disney plays on so many lives and our culture in this country. Orenstein also ponders if it is actually a feminist issue and that maybe Disney is a good thing. “that at long last they could “have it all” be feminist and feminine, pretty and powerful, earn independence and male approval” However I find that this to be heteronormative and vaguely sexist. Women don’t need male approval to live our lives all we need is our own approval,which in my opinion, that’s what independence is, relying upon yourself.

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