Oct 27 2014

Cinderella Ate My Daughter

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In Cinderella Ate My Daughter, Peggy Orenstein explores every facet of what it means to be a girl in 21st Century America. American culture as a whole is very reliant on media and popular culture is incredibly pervasive, but this is especially true for girls and young women. I found myself most agreeing her chapter on teenage actresses and singers. Orenstein claims that we rely on these young women as role models for children, and when they find their sexuality and use it to their advantage – or a perceived advantage – they face a huge backlash and their downfall is chronicled in the tabloids. I did not find Orenstein to be overly radical (or feel “sorry” for her daughter as one online detractor worded it) but instead appreciated her concern for young women and the effect that media and commercialism have on them.


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