Oct 30 2014

Tervis Tumblers on Tumblers on Tumblers…

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From the time I was younger, my mom always harped on reusing water bottles rather than using plastic ones that go to a landfill. I have always had Gatorade bottles and Camelbak’s but it wasn’t until I got into college and went on spring break that I fell in love with Tervis Tumblers, and tumblers in general. On spring break, a friend and I ventured into a Tervis store down at Myrtle Beach and I knew that these would be my downfall.

Tervis Tumbler Factory

Tervis tumblers are made and manufactured in the United States, in North Venice, Florida. In 1946, Engineers Frank Cotter and G. Howlett Davis came together to create a permanently sealed, doubled-walled tumbler in Detroit. This invention is a great way to carry hot or cold drinks in the comfort of one cup. Joining both of their last names, Tervis was coined. Over the next years, Cotter and Davis worked hard to make their product more innovative and useful.

There are many places that Tervis tumblers can be purchased. For me personally, I have purchased a Tervis from the Bed Bath and Beyond Store. The price for the Tervis, on the Tervis website, depends on the ounces of liquid it holds and whether it is a promotional item. For Tervis’s that have animal pictures, cartoons, and letters (monograms), the prices range from $11-$20, ounces range from 12-24. For specialty Tervis’s the prices are way higher. For ones containing a professional sports team,  football, baseball, college, the prices range from $16- $30, but currently the San Francisco Giants tumblers range from $19- $30 because they won the World Series. All other specialty tumblers start around $19 and end around $23.

Owl Tervis

On the Bed Bath and Beyond website, Tervis’s are a tad cheaper. Sports tumblers range from $15.99-24.99, and ounces range from 12 to 24 with respect to the price listed before. Other tumblers that are not specialty tend to range within the $10.99 to $19.99 price range with respect to their sizes. On Amazon, the prices are the same as on the Bed Bath and Beyond website, but if someone is selling their tumbler on Amazon they can sell the actual Tervis for less but charge more in shipping. Ultimately if that were to happen, the customer would be better off getting it from the Tervis store or Bed Bath and Beyond store or off of those two websites.

Tervis’s also have accessories that can be bought to go with the tumbler. One important feature are the lids. From the Tervis website, these lids come in 4 different shapes (travel, straw, water bottle and shaker), the lids start at $4.00, $6.00, or $8.00 and come in an assortment of colors. Handles are another accessory that can be bought; they are $6.00 apiece. Straws can also be bought, they are $4.00 as well. At Bed Bath and Beyond, travel lids and straws can be found in all colors and start at $3.99. The handles are $5.99 each. Because Amazon tends to sell small items in bulk, all three of these items can be found and prices start at $5.00 and go up.

As far as eWOM is concerned, I found mostly good reviews about the Tervis tumblers. Most of the customers said that it was a great item to have and that it did a good job at keeping their drinks either hot or cold and some even said that they were stylish too. When the customer was talking about an accessory, they talked highly about the accessory too. I did, however, find some negative reviews. These reasons ranged; some were unhappy that the Tervis did not come with a lid, they didn’t like the font they ordered or because theirs leaked. Overall, Tervis got about an 4.2/5 rating.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend that everyone buy a Tervis tumbler. I have about five and so far mine have done amazing jobs. Tervis’s are great at keeping the liquid in your cup at the temperature that you would like it, they don’t leak, they are double walled so there is no condensation and your hands don’t get super cold/hot depending on the liquid. Tervis’s are also very sturdy so even though they are hard plastic, they don’t break if they are dropped. They are also microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Tervis also has a very wide selection (more than I can count) for any design that you would like, you can even personalize your tumbler, if you so choose. I think Tervis tumblers are absolutely fantastic!!


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