Nov 02 2014

Super Sad True Love Story Reflection

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Although this book was kind of boring, there are ways that our current society relates to it. Super Sad True Love Story is supposed to be set in the not so distant future, so when Shteyngart wrote this was he expecting the not so distant future from 2006 when he first starting writing the book, to when it was published in 2010 to reflect the current society we live in? Yes, this was a “super sad” story, but I think the point he was ultimately trying to make was that life is sad and there are ways to cope with it. One item that he writes about in his book that is major to the plot is how technology is taking over life. This is major to our society today because of iPhones, computers, tablets, ect., Without these pieces of technology, I believe most of our society would fold because of the reliance on them.

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