Nov 02 2014

Super Sad True Love Story Reflection

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Super Sad True Love Story, by Gary Shteyngart was intriguing to me because it focuses on the “dystopian” aspects of society unlike most who focus on utopian societies. There is a focus on consumerism, youth and how these two themes create the obsessive nature in people. The economic downturn along with the social chaos that is happening in this story is not the only negatives that this society is experiencing. People don’t like talking anymore and are more involved with people through their smart phones. Lenny and Eunice represent the generational gap that we witness even in our society today when it comes to technology and social media. While Lenny has a love for printed text, Eunice has a love for all things electronic and online shopping. She is very materialistic, unlike Lenny, along with untrusting and guarded. In my opinion, she is like this because all communication of her generation in through a computer screen. Through this technology-obsessed culture, everyone knows everything about one another but never enough about ones own self. At times I felt this book was hard to get through but I did enjoy Shteyngart’s prose and his ability to create a story using two vastly different voices of the characters. In a way I think that the author is warning our society that this is the direction we are headed.

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