Nov 02 2014

Super Sad True Love Story

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Yes, this story is “super sad.” Ultimately, I understand Gary Shteyngart’s point of technology and money “taking over” our lives. However, I’m unclear about who his true audience is. As someone who just graduated from their teenage years just four months ago, all of the GlobalTeens communications just seems shallow and offensive. Shteyngart grossly misrepresents “teens” even though his characters are between the ages of 24-60, other than Sally. Perhaps in the future, we will see “Kids Getting Older Younger” in the sense of 24 year olds thinking mostly of sex and shopping, but overall, no, we are not all Wolves of Wall Street.
“Super Sad True Love Story” is a large leap from what our class has been reading, swinging from experiments and recounts of life experiences to fiction. I am a large fiction fan, though SSTLS is just too sci-fi for me to get into. If Shteyngart’s future is anything like the real future, I am sorely disappointed, as I actually love politics.

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