Nov 03 2014

Super Sad True Love Story Reflection

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Gary Stehyngart’s novel “Super Sad True Love Story” talks about a dystopian future America in which society is in shambles due to an impending economic crisis. We follow protagonist Lenny Abramov, the son of Russian immigrants who is middle-aged, white and middle-class and painfully average in every aspect of his life. A worker at Post-Human Services division of the Staatling-Wapachung Corporation (a company that hopes to extend its clients lives forever), Lenny is madly in love with the superficial and materialistic Eunice Park. She is true to her time unlike Lenny, meaning that she is actively involved in being a consumer. She majored in Image and minored in Assertiveness. This new age sees aggressive consumption and depraved media take the forefront of society; Lenny, on the other hand, is mentally still in the past century. I’m somewhat excited to keep reading this book- its pretty funny but also kind of strange.

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