Nov 10 2014

Cultural Strategy Reflection

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While looking at the “utopian urban planning schemes”, it is interesting to see how many African Americans lived in the ghetto. It is even more interesting to see how the economy of the ghetto started out by being led by gangs, which sold drugs and the growing rates of violence and criminality that comes with the concentrated social problems. With the media looking on at the social problems and broadcasting it to the public, this often presented problems for African American males, but was appealing to suburban white males. This is what compelled Nike to market to them; this could give African Americans some type of sports success to “level” the “playing field”. Michael Jordan, who grew up in a middle class family, didn’t have the chance to break out of the hood, but it is interesting to see how “Jordans” are targeting these same types of boys now to have success selling shoes or marketing at all. It is also interesting looking at other athletes and their struggles faced with marketing, such as females. Females have different types of marketing with the “Just Do It” campaign.

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