Nov 10 2014

Nike Reflection

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Nike’s history doesn’t seem to be taught as frequently as Under Armour’s. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I find it interesting that this book highlighted Nike over UA, considering the latter’s has a tale of “heroic” entrepreneurialism. However, I did appreciate the history of marketing, particularly behind, “just do it.” It takes away from the shoe giving you an ability, straying away from the Michael Jordan appeal. “Just Do It” implies that humans can do anything, despite handicaps.
American feelings of nationalism change with time, and the nature of companies reflecting this is important to study. Solo Willpower calls upon individuals, and isn’t nationality specific. During the spring of 2012, I visited Barcelona and was surprised to see a Nike store amongst the cobblestoned city center. Gone are Nike’s post war and Title IX battles. Anyone can be good, as long as they are wearing Nikes. However, I was surprised at the most recent World Cup that Adidas still dominates the soccer market – as soccer is supposedly the most watched and internationally renowned sport.
Somehow, Nike escapes the accusations that Adidas has not, with sweat shops and to my knowledge, school’s haven’t fought to have their bookstores cut ties with Nike. (Northeastern University students petitioned this, and won in April 2013. In this respect, Nike remains superior in the eyes of consumers.

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