Nov 16 2014

Spotsylvania Fieldwork Post

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I arrived to Spotsylvania mall at 1115 am on Friday November 14th. It was a chilly day of 41 degrees but it was quite sunny without a cloud in the sky. The main mode of transportation for consumers was cars. The parking lot was packed and large. The transportation for retail goods and employees are cars and trucks, as well. The mall is far away from any houses so therefore many people can not walk to the mall. Some may take a bus, but the majority drive cars. The shoppers I noticed were very diverse in age. There was of course the white old lady mall walkers getting their exercise in when I arrived. I noticed there were a lot of kids at the mall with their parents. I found this interesting because they looked old enough to be in school but they were at the mall instead. The food court was filled with families enjoying lunch on a budget during their shopping trip. There was a diverse group of people in the food court: African American families, elderly white men, young white single men and women. The shopping patterns included people window shopping, going in the stores and buying things and then taking a break at the food court with their families. The stores in the mall is too long to list, but it’s a standard mall with major department stores on the outside and smaller stores in the middle. The employees that I noticed were all relatively young white people, except for the food court.The food court employees were mostly minorities. I think this is interesting and important to point the differences in employees when it comes to fast food and then when it comes to a sports store or a store in the main part of the mall. Fast food restaurants target people who need the money without considering the harsh working conditions they’re about to be put in.Some interesting selling patterns in this mall is they have kiosks in the middle isles selling random things, like calenders. I almost bought a pug calender that I saw there, so clearly this selling pattern works. The merchandise is basically any item you can think of. They even have a seen on tv store.My connection with this mall is I enjoy the cheese steak restaurant in the food court, so when I’m having a bad day I sometimes come to the food court and eat cheese fries and a cheese steak. The only unusual thing I noticed on this trip was the amount of kids on a school day with their parents. My overall analysis was it was really crowded at the mall on this Friday. With mostly families shopping and elderly people waking around, because most people are at school or working during this time of the day.  Its also interesting to note that most of the people were white at this mall, when in comparison with wal mart it was mostly minorities. So there’s definitely a class difference between the mall and wal mart. Also important is the fact that it was mothers and their children at the mall and not fathers, because we still have the family dynamic of moms doing the shopping while dads make the money.

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