Nov 16 2014

Sustainable Lifestyles Reflection Post

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Reading, Sustainable Lifestyles and the Quest for Plentitude, as the last reading for this semester has been a good closing in learning about trends in consumerism in America and how we can move towards promoting a more sustainable society and economy. The case studies of this book provide hope that we can change the direction and move away from our materialistic views to achieve a more sustainable and humane economy. From places all across the U.S. and the world, Schor and Thompson are able to demonstrate how individuals are putting in the effort to decrease our ecological footprint and improve our quality of life. For example, through small-scale farms, individuals are seeing the benefits in their community and these benefits can apply to us globally as well. However, although we are beginning to see an increase in local efforts, without concerted efforts of the governments and big businesses we cannot save our environment. Through social efforts and connections, we can build political power to promote a change in our behaviors on this planet. Through this book, we begin to see that change is possible, even if it starts with small, local changes. Changes in our society and economy will be felt through these inventive “localist” approaches of these case studies.

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