Nov 19 2014

Clark’s Desert Boots

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I chose to do my final shopping blog on my winter boots that I bought at Clarks in Pentagon City Mall as a freshman at Mary Washington. They are incredibly warm and comfortable and have lasted me 2 winters and will hopefully last me throughout college. This item can be bought at Clarks, DSW, Macys, or a variation of the boot can be found basically anywhere shoes are sold. The cost of the boot at is $119.99.  What’s shocking is the cost difference form that price and then looking at nearly the same boot at DSW. At DSW the boots are only $79.95, they are a slightly different color of leather, but are made by the same brand and are a whopping 40 dollars cheaper. Then, Macy’s is having a sale on these boots for 74.99 on the boots with the original cost being $100.00. Clarks is a British shoe maker since 1825 which are known specifically for making this ankle high boot called the “desert boot” which was first designed in 1950 and was worn by British officers in World War 2.  All three stores listed above had reviews of 4.5 stars out of 5. One drawback people mentioned is that you have to break them in otherwise they are slightly uncomfortable. Most people said they were comfortable and warm, however. I chose to do this item, because I was trying to think of an item and looked down at my feet and TADA, I thought I’d do these boots. I also choose to do these boots, because they are a great item, except for the price. Others might be interested in these boots if they’re looking for a pair of winter boots that are casual and comfy.

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