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Oct 30 2014

Tervis Tumblers on Tumblers on Tumblers…

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From the time I was younger, my mom always harped on reusing water bottles rather than using plastic ones that go to a landfill. I have always had Gatorade bottles and Camelbak’s but it wasn’t until I got into college and went on spring break that I fell in love with Tervis Tumblers, and tumblers in general. On spring break, a friend and I ventured into a Tervis store down at Myrtle Beach and I knew that these would be my downfall.

Tervis Tumbler Factory

Tervis tumblers are made and manufactured in the United States, in North Venice, Florida. In 1946, Engineers Frank Cotter and G. Howlett Davis came together to create a permanently sealed, doubled-walled tumbler in Detroit. This invention is a great way to carry hot or cold drinks in the comfort of one cup. Joining both of their last names, Tervis was coined. Over the next years, Cotter and Davis worked hard to make their product more innovative and useful.

There are many places that Tervis tumblers can be purchased. For me personally, I have purchased a Tervis from the Bed Bath and Beyond Store. The price for the Tervis, on the Tervis website, depends on the ounces of liquid it holds and whether it is a promotional item. For Tervis’s that have animal pictures, cartoons, and letters (monograms), the prices range from $11-$20, ounces range from 12-24. For specialty Tervis’s the prices are way higher. For ones containing a professional sports team,  football, baseball, college, the prices range from $16- $30, but currently the San Francisco Giants tumblers range from $19- $30 because they won the World Series. All other specialty tumblers start around $19 and end around $23.

Owl Tervis

On the Bed Bath and Beyond website, Tervis’s are a tad cheaper. Sports tumblers range from $15.99-24.99, and ounces range from 12 to 24 with respect to the price listed before. Other tumblers that are not specialty tend to range within the $10.99 to $19.99 price range with respect to their sizes. On Amazon, the prices are the same as on the Bed Bath and Beyond website, but if someone is selling their tumbler on Amazon they can sell the actual Tervis for less but charge more in shipping. Ultimately if that were to happen, the customer would be better off getting it from the Tervis store or Bed Bath and Beyond store or off of those two websites.

Tervis’s also have accessories that can be bought to go with the tumbler. One important feature are the lids. From the Tervis website, these lids come in 4 different shapes (travel, straw, water bottle and shaker), the lids start at $4.00, $6.00, or $8.00 and come in an assortment of colors. Handles are another accessory that can be bought; they are $6.00 apiece. Straws can also be bought, they are $4.00 as well. At Bed Bath and Beyond, travel lids and straws can be found in all colors and start at $3.99. The handles are $5.99 each. Because Amazon tends to sell small items in bulk, all three of these items can be found and prices start at $5.00 and go up.

As far as eWOM is concerned, I found mostly good reviews about the Tervis tumblers. Most of the customers said that it was a great item to have and that it did a good job at keeping their drinks either hot or cold and some even said that they were stylish too. When the customer was talking about an accessory, they talked highly about the accessory too. I did, however, find some negative reviews. These reasons ranged; some were unhappy that the Tervis did not come with a lid, they didn’t like the font they ordered or because theirs leaked. Overall, Tervis got about an 4.2/5 rating.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend that everyone buy a Tervis tumbler. I have about five and so far mine have done amazing jobs. Tervis’s are great at keeping the liquid in your cup at the temperature that you would like it, they don’t leak, they are double walled so there is no condensation and your hands don’t get super cold/hot depending on the liquid. Tervis’s are also very sturdy so even though they are hard plastic, they don’t break if they are dropped. They are also microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Tervis also has a very wide selection (more than I can count) for any design that you would like, you can even personalize your tumbler, if you so choose. I think Tervis tumblers are absolutely fantastic!!


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Oct 27 2014

Wal-Mart Report

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Erin and I visited Wal-Mart on Friday, October 24, 2014. By the time we arrived, it was roughly 11:15 and we promptly entered the store. The first thing I noticed was that the well-known Wal-Mart “Greeter” position has been removed, or maybe there wasn’t anyone assigned to that task. Either way, we were free to enter, as the employee by the entrance/exit was more concerned with people exiting. Obviously, this was for shop lifting purposes.

It was a clear morning, and I’ve seen the store much more crowded in the past. Maybe everyone decided to take their lunch break in other more… scenic places. Erin and I were able to grab a parking spot relatively close to the store, which is saying a lot because of the vast parking lot full of one-way rows. The local Fred bus does stop near Wal-Mart, but it seems as though the majority of the people drive themselves, painstakingly searching for a parking spot. Employees also compete for parking, though I think they park in a side lot rather than the front one. The turn over rate for front spots is high – it was hard pulling in and out with seemingly everyone moving their cars. There are no signs of delivery trucks, but we know that that is how the goods arrive, thanks to our peeking along the back wall of the store and into their supply area.

Wal-Mart is organized into various “shops” or departments. We visited the toy area first, and while we didn’t go out of our way to focus on where things were made, it was hard to not notice. A Frozen themed child sized couch had “Made in America” on its tag, something that surprised me. I didn’t see any pink lego sets, but Wal-Mart certainly does not discount girls who appreciate things that go beyond princesses. As we passed through, looking confused about girly lego sets, an employee did cross paths with us and ask if we needed help. We said no, and I think she was grateful because she was clearly busy with inventory. We left her to her work and headed to another toy aisle. The stuffed animal wall was full, with every animal under the sun. A side wall featured currently trending longboards, skateboards, and cruzer boards, which even piqued my 20 year old female interests. Their prices were fairly low ($45 for a cruzer board! My own brand name board cost me nearly $120). To be fair, I don’t think Erin cared about boards, so we moved on.

We noticed that Wal-Mart didn’t carry the #Unapologetic Barbie line, and I wondered if Mattel had dropped that marketing idea as soon as they introduced it. As we’ve discussed Barbie’s careers in class, I wasn’t surprised to see her in her various trades. What did surprise me, however, were all of her accessories. A pink, obviously fake iPhone with her profile as the home button just seems excessive.

Erin and I also planned to visit the sporting goods section, which is a nice way to say “hunting and fishing with a little bit of baseball and a soccer ball” section. Lines of fishing poles and guns were on display, but this section didn’t have any shoppers in it. The same went for the toy section, and I can only assume that those at Wal-Mart on a Friday morning were those dropping by to pick something up like groceries, and not spend forever mulling over Christmas gifts or game necessities. No one asked us if we needed help, probably because it was clear that we clueless beyond wanting to potentially take up hunting or tackle-box assembly. Buying already dead, soaked in hormone fishing bait seemed like cheating to me. In the few times I’ve fished, my dad and I (mostly him) would put live worms on the hook. But then, we are far from serious fishermen, so my knowledge is limited and maybe buying shrink wrapped Wal-Mart bait is acceptable.

After seeing the poor dead fish, I dragged Erin to the fish section of Wal-Mart. The selection in the tanks all looked healthy, minus one dead one, but what struck me was that finally, there were other shoppers near us. Two women were looking at fish tank accessories, and jokingly warned me that a fish isn’t worth the commitment. I think they were afraid that I would just buy one on a whim, disregarding quality pet care. Wal-Mart, to my knowledge, does not spend time making sure their neon colored, quarter sized tropical fish go to good homes. I did appreciate the women’s advice, however, because I already have one fish and do not need more. Actually, I have a Beta fish and everyone knows that Betas do not play well with others.

Because the tanks require help, an employee was standing nearby. It would be upsetting to any Wal-Mart manager to lose a fish sale because no one was there to get the fish from the tank, and so I understood why her presence was so required.

Each of the sections Erin and I attended were rather empty, and as I said before, I think it was because everyone was in the grocery area. Even the two fish women were simply picking up fish food, not having the time to mull over a new fish. It seemed unusual at the time, because the parking lot was so crowded, but everyone was confined to the one main section of the store.

No matter how large or colorful Wal-Mart’s displays were, shoppers simply weren’t there to commit to a long time in the store that day. I’m sure that on Saturday, families crowded in to do larger shopping trips, and maybe adopt the fish they’ve been eyeing. Wal-Mart, a big box store, really lets sizes do the promotion here – the large tanks lining the walls are eye-catching, and the displays of hunting and fishing gear beg for attention. Wal-Mart employees themselves are not promoting items, making it a less personal experience.


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Oct 27 2014

Fieldwork: Wal-Mart

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I visited Wal-Mart on Friday, October 24th around 11:15 in the morning. It was a beautiful fall day outside. Wal-Mart is located in the middle of a major shopping center, so the easiest way for shoppers and employees to arrive is by car. There is a huge parking lot outside of the store, and a bus stop in the shopping center for those who rely on public transportation. Wal-Mart goods arrive in trucks.  The store itself is massive; no department seemed to be lacking in space and the displays were far apart from each other. The customers were diverse, but most appeared to be working-class.

My first stop was the toy department, which was divided up into aisles by age, gender, and type of toy. There was an aisle for Legos, an aisle for Barbie, an aisle for baby and toddler toys, and so on. I noticed a huge display of Frozen merchandise in the middle of the department, presumably because of the popularity of the film. There weren’t many shoppers in the toy aisle, and I only saw a couple employees who were busy working and didn’t stop to offer assistance. Next, I visited the Christmas department. This department appeared to have a “temporary” look to it, as if it had just been put together and will be taken down right after the holidays. The department was organized logically, with fake Christmas trees in the front, then lights and tinsel, and finally an aisle of ornaments. There weren’t many shoppers in this department either, and the employees were busy with other tasks. Lastly, I visited the pet care aisle. Wal-Mart sells live fish, and because of this, has a huge selection of fish tanks and accessories, presumably so that shoppers can buy all of their fish needs from Wal-Mart. A young woman was shopping for fish tank accessories while her mother took her young son to watch the fish in the tanks and an employee did come over and ask if I needed any help.

“Socialization” is not one of Wal-Mart’s selling points. Because of the sheer size of the store, customers have a lot of personal space. I was able to walk through two departments before I encountered another customer very closely. Employees leave the shoppers to their own devices, as well: only two employees asked me if I needed help with anything. I assume because of the nature  of the store customers are expected to know exactly what they want in advance.

Overall, Wal-Mart is a store that relies on low prices and variety of goods, not customer service or personal attention.


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Oct 26 2014


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When I visited Walmart on Friday, October 24, the weather outside was fair. Walmart is a “big box” store located in a busy commercial area. Large quantities of a wide variety of merchandise arrive by truck, while most employees and shoppers arrive by automobile. There are places to lock a bicycle outside, but there are rarely bikes there.

I observed Walmart between eleven am and noon on Friday. It was busy with shoppers and even busier with employees. Even though there were a lot of shoppers present, there was a lot of stocking going on. However, there were apparently enough employees to handle both the stocking and the customer service.

I entered on the grocery side of the megastore and noted the toy vending machines that grab childrens’ attention on the way in and on the way out. As I entered the grocery, to one side of me an employee showed a family to something they needed, and to another side a product representative offered free slices of Fuji apples topped with Lactaid cottage cheese. I tried one and took a coupon for $1 off of a package of the cottage cheese. The grocery area turned out to be one of the busier areas for shoppers. I observed all sorts of people, mostly lower to middle classes and  all races. The time of day is such that many shoppers are unemployed such as students, stay-at-home-moms and assorted family members, and the elderly.

I noticed in the grocery, and in every other area of the store, people moving extremely slowly. People shop and move through Walmart at a very leisurely pace. I also noticed there were not many single shoppers about which surprised me because I usually do my grocery shopping alone. There were couples, families, and friends. Odd couples, sketchy looking people, older couples, entire families (except for school age children). People seemed to wander around as if they were more likely to be browsing than shopping with a list.

In the grocery as well as certain other areas of the store, space is divided by huge makeshift islands of stacks of products, often straight off the pallets and still in the original cardboard casing. The dairy cases had lights out and others flickering. In addition to the many stockers, I noticed an employee from the meat department out on the floor, taking stock of his inventory.

I walked right next door to the clothing department following the grocery. The clothing department had plenty of shoppers but fewer than the grocery, and more stocking going on. The place was a mess. I ran across internal paperwork hanging off a shelf of clothes, and multiple carts sitting in the middle of tiny aisles with inventory, or empty cardboard boxes in them. In one spot near the edge, I passed a cart full of individually wrapped juice treats blocking a clothing pathway. It had a computer printed sign taped to it indicating that the juice treats used to be $0.50 and were now $0.25. Clearance shelves were especially chaotic.

I passed two young women shopping together with their babies, each pushing their own cart. A couple of the employees in this department were feeling super casual because they were just about shouting as they were carrying on a conversation across the aisles as they worked stocking shelves. Across from the clothing I found accessories and jewelry. There were more overflowing clearance bins. Hello Kitty has her own little space where she hawks books, clocks, bags, jewelry, key chains, and lap desks, among other things. Around the corner, another craze becomes apparent with several shelves of “piggy” banks in every theme possible: a ballerina pig, an astronaut pig, an angry bird pig, a yellow duck pig. I passed a lone shopper who was wearing ear buds.

Almost every kid I saw was either trapped in a cart or was touching whatever was in front of them. As I crossed yet another aisle into the seasonal area, children were trying on costumes with parents. I passed through that area pretty quickly and headed toward the exit. As I did so, I noticed new movies for sale near the registers which made me think of Walmart’s consistently high prices for new-release movies, an area in which they are apparently unable to be competitive. I also made a note of the stream of businesses occupying Walmart’s front exterior wall. There is a place to buy eyeglasses, a nail salon, a bank, and a McDonald’s, among others. The McDonald’s gives that entire corner of the store the distinct aroma of whatever it is McDonald’s fries its food in.

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Oct 26 2014

Orenstein Reflection

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Peggy Orenstein deals with differences in gender in our society and how once girls get to a certain age, they become obsessed with being a Disney princess. I thought a really powerful quote that made me really like this author was “I wanted her to believe that neither some behavior or toy or profession was not for her sex nor that it was mandatory for her sex” This reminded me of my childhood and how my mom and dad would allow me to play with typical boy toys. I have hundreds of race cars and race tracks, along with GI Joes, but I also watched Disney and had barbies. It’s interesting to think what a big role Disney plays on so many lives and our culture in this country. Orenstein also ponders if it is actually a feminist issue and that maybe Disney is a good thing. “that at long last they could “have it all” be feminist and feminine, pretty and powerful, earn independence and male approval” However I find that this to be heteronormative and vaguely sexist. Women don’t need male approval to live our lives all we need is our own approval,which in my opinion, that’s what independence is, relying upon yourself.

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Oct 26 2014

Wal-Mart Fieldwork

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I arrived at Walmart at 11:10 on October 24th, 2014. The weather was partly cloudy but rather warm for late October. There was a slight breeze while walking towards the store. The transportation for the consumers were cars: SUVs, compact cars, trucks, etc. The transportation for retail goods and employees were trucks and cars. Retail goods get shipped in Wal-Mart trucks. The type of retail space is a store. The shoppers that I saw in the store were a majority women. I noticed there were a lot of mothers with young children that probably haven’t started school yet. Many of the women I saw were minorities. I saw one white man with his son (I’m assuming). Another group I saw a lot of was elderly white couples or elderly single white people.

The employees I witnessed at Walmart were a majority minority and some white women stocking shelves and ringing people up. I witnessed white young men operating heavy machinery. Some of the employees were older, but a majority seemed to be 20-30s age range. The products selling patterns were organized in certain categories. For example, sporting goods, groceries, women’s and men’s clothes, etc have their own sections. While sale items were in carts in the middle of the isles or on the outside of the isles. Wal-Mart sells almost anything under the sun. They have groceries, electronics, clothes, pharmacy items, fish, home goods, etc.

I have a disconnection with this location, because I try not to shop here do to what they do to their employees. Also, I realized not all of their items are actually cheaper than other stores. I have shopped at this location before, but only when I needed to do so.  There wasn’t really anything unusual that I noticed. Our class were probably the most unusual thing in Wal-Mart that day. One thing that I did find slightly unusual was there was a sale cart in the middle of women’s department that was selling pasta sauce and pasta boxes along with V8 juices. I suppose they could be playing into the whole stereotype of mothers buying groceries and shopping for their clothes so they put that sales cart in the women’s section.

My overall analysis on this fieldwork assignment was that during the day on a Friday there are a lot of lower income people shopping at Wal-Mart in order to find the best deals. A majority of these lower income people were women with families, because we still live in a world where women buy the groceries. Another group that I witnessed shopping at Wal-Mart was elderly people that were probably retired and therefore could shop at Wal-Mart during the day. Wal-Mart is known for their low prices and people shop there when they are looking for a deal on basically anything, because Wal-Mart sells nearly everything you would need.

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Oct 26 2014

Walmart Fieldwork Post

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My friend and I arrived at Walmart in Central Park on Friday October 24th at 11:15am. The weather was in the mid 60’s, but a little cloudy. I do not think the weather had a huge affect on Walmart shoppers as it would have if they were shopping outdoors, downtown. The consumers coming to Walmart came in their own cars and the Fred bus system is another option as well. The transportation that I observed for retail good was big delivery trucks that said “Walmart” on the side. I see these trucks often while driving and saw one while parking on Friday as well. The employees of Walmart would also have the same transportation as consumers- cars or public transportation. I do not think that people either shopping at or working at Walmart would ride bikes or walk like people do in the downtown area because it is located in a huge shopping center and not very close to residential areas.

The type of retail space for this would be a big chain store. Walmart was also divided into different types of space like “Market,” “Home & Pharmacy,” and “Outdoor Living.” There were also a few other “stores” inside such as Mcdonald’s and two different beauty salons. The shoppers that I observed were both black and Caucasian. There were couples, parents with their children, and people who were by themselves. It looked as if people of the working class would shop at this retail space. The consumers at Walmart were dressed casually; no one was in any type of business clothes. The selling patterns that I observed were not geared towards a specific type of individual. People come to Walmart looking for anything from food to clothes to power tools. There was a seasonal section and displays geared toward this season.

The sections of the store that I decided to observe more closely were Toys, Seasonal, and Grocery. In the toy isle the first thing that struck me was the amount of color that made up this section. I saw infants toys and toys for teenagers. This section looked like it was divided by brand. The sections that I saw were Fisher Price, Playdoh, Imaginext, Leap Frog, My Life and Laugh & Learn. I walked down the Barbie isle and immediately was surrounded by pink. I took note of the face that all the Barbie’s were in pink boxes, but there was one box that was blue with a boy Barbie. This here shows me that these products are clearly geared towards one gender, as they associate the colors with the gender of the kid who “should” want this product. The next section I went in was Seasonal and the entire part of the store was geared towards Christmas. There were outdoor decorations, fake Christmas trees, blow-up lawn decorations, indoor decorations and products for wrapping presents. Even though Christmas isn’t for another 2 months, it did not surprise me that this section was already set up for this holiday. I think that if we came a few weeks earlier, the seasonal section would have been set up for Halloween. The last section that I walked through was the Grocery section. Most of the signs that I saw were offering “4 for $3” or “2 for $10.” There was a good amount of shelves in one isle that was filled with Halloween candy. I noticed a group of shelves that had foods for Thanksgiving (although it didn’t say specifically). These shelves had yams, canned cranberries, potatoes, stuffing, and green beans. This section reminded me of a normal grocery store, but with very low prices.

Most of the employees that I observed were older women. There were many older women who were working the cash registers or walking in and out of isles restocking merchandise. I did observe some male employees, but I definitely saw more women than men. The employees that I saw were also black or Caucasian. I also noticed an older man who looked like a manager talking to a consumer at the front of the store. Food, clothes, toys, beauty products, home furnishings, sporting equiptment, and electronics are some of the types of merchandise that Walmart sells. Like I noted earlier, this retail space can be described as convenient for shoppers because it sells a wide variety of products. The connection that I make with Walmart in Fredericksburg is different than the connection I make with Walmart back at home in NY. Here in Fredericksburg I got to Walmart sometimes because it is in Central Park, at a good location close to campus. It is surrounded by so many other retail spaces that make it easy to find what you want. Back at home, however, I have more of a disconnection because there isn’t a Walmart close to me. Up until coming to school in Fredericksburg, I rarely shopped at Walmart because it was not an option for me. The only unusual thing that I saw while walking through the store was a man with a full facial/head tattoo. This observation just furthered my previous observations about the huge range of types of people that come to shop, or even work at Walmart.

Overall, this experience was different from my downtown experience in that the people that shop and work at Walmart along with the types of products being sold are very different. This shopping site provides a quick and convenient service for people who are trying to shop and then leave. It does not have the same mood or atmosphere that the leisurely, community feel of the downtown space offers. This big chain store is more focused on the profit that they are making, rather than the experience that they are providing for their employees and consumers.

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Oct 26 2014

Walmart Fieldwork

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My roommate, Theo and I arrived to Walmart around 11:05 am on the morning of Friday, October 24th. As it should be on an October day, it was sunny, around 65° and a little windy, which made it chilly. While driving up to Walmart, I noticed that there was a little vehicle traffic, for customers of Walmart, and a bus that helped to bring shoppers to their destination. While walking up to Walmart, there were quite a few customers leaving, but there were a lot of customers inside Walmart. I also observed that there were no delivery trucks at this time. This is where my shopping experience was different from Downtown Fredericksburg. When observing Downtown, the customers seemed to be older and white, while at Walmart, the demographics changed. I noticed not only were there older white folks, there were an equal amount of young African Americans. Walmart is a consumer goods store that sells items for every need; these items include food (cold, frozen, fresh, and boxed/canned), clothes (for men, women, boys, girls and babies), shoes, automotive care, hunting, sporting, toys, holiday needs, pharmaceutical, toiletries, and jewelry/accessories. Another observation that was different from Downtown is that Walmart uses price tags as their main selling pattern, instead of being able to be in contact with a person to ask about the item or the price. The employees, both male and female, are also not a friendly as they were in Downtown Fredericksburg, they do not just walk up to customers and strike up conversation like those who work Downtown. The three sections that I decided to explore were all different in the way they were organized and the objects that were trying to be sold. The first department that I decided to wander through was the Halloween section. Although I was in that section for a specific reason, there were some observations that I made. The first observation was that the Halloween costumes are in a section of the store that is noticeable and accessible to all customers. The second observation that I made is how it was organized, one aisle accessories, one was costumes, another was buckets and items to carry along on Halloween, and on the backside was candy. The second section that I wandered to was the jewelry/ accessory department. While wandering, I noticed how Walmart isn’t organized very well. In this section, the hats are near the purses and backpacks, and those are near piggybanks and other small items that could be good gift ideas and this whole section is near the jewelry. The third section that I wandered through was the food. Along the perimeter of half the store are the cold foods, such as meat, yogurt, cheese, dairy, juices and eggs. The first aisles are frozen food and then all the other aisles are those that use preservatives to help shelf life, these include peanut butter, canned items, candy, cereals, chips, cookies and various other items. Once I was done observing and shopping, I needed to find Theo so that my car could leave. This was a problem but turned out to be beneficial. As I walked through the store, I looked at other departments and customers to see if I noticed anything unusual. Walking though the bedding/house-ware section, I stumbled across a man who had a full facial tattoo. This caught me off guard because he didn’t look as though he would be one to be out in public shopping during the day. Once I passed him, it allowed me to notice how the right half of Walmart was organized. Starting from the back, it goes Automotive, Sporting, Toys, then miscellaneous, which at this time of year just happened to be the Christmas items. Swinging around to the front of the store, still looking for Theo, I passed the personal care/ pharmacy section. At this point it was about 11:30 am and the line for the pharmacy was extremely long, the main customers being elderly folks. Eventually finding Theo at McDonalds located in Walmart, we were able to leave and conclude observations at Walmart. I have no connection or disconnection with Walmart. My overall analysis of Walmart is that it makes it easier as a college student being able to go to a store that can satisfy all my needs in one stop, but it isn’t always my go to store. Walmart is one of the cheaper, non-bulk stores that can help college students save money on groceries, or clothing.

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Oct 08 2014

Eyeconic Indian Art- Tapestry

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The product that I chose to share for my second shopping blog post was a tapestry wall hanging that I recently ordered from In the past few years I have noticed a rise in popularity of tapestries, especially in college houses and dorm rooms. Most that I have seen consist of patterns or artwork that is pleasing to the eye. They can also have a vintage look to them that can be used for decoration or furniture coverings. After doing some research about tapestries I found that in the 14th century tapestries were a symbol of nobility and would often portray important events or favorite stories.

The tapestry that I purchased is called “India Bedding Sheet”(bedspread wall hanging tapestry ethnic decor vintage india hippy boho decor art). This specific tapestry was $18.99 on Since this was a handmade item, shipped from India, I do not think that you could purchase this exact pattern of tapestry from any other site besides Etsy. The item details were that it is a “colorful screen printed tapestry from Sanganer, India.” It made of 100% soft cotton with a circular pattern on it that is mainly blue with orange and red accents. The size of it is 60 X 90 inches so this could also be used on a twin sized bed. The item details also describe this tapestry as a “work of textile art made in limited quantities.” Versha Tangda is the owner of Eyeconic Indian Art and is the seller of this tapestry along many other handcrafted Indian art products.

tapestry 2          tapestry 1


Tapestry wall hangings can be purchased from websites such as,,,, and and Most of these websites sell tapestries anywhere from $15- $35 dollars, however Urban Outfitters sell anywhere from $40-$80 (and sometimes even more expensive. It is important to take into account the size of the tapestry as well when looking at the price. Large tapestries will obviously be much more expensive than smaller ones. If someone were to look for this specific tapestry would be the only seller through Eyeconic Indian Art. Although I found tapestries with similar colors, there was not one that looked like the one I purchased. Eyeconic Indian Art made a variety of different tapestries all for similar prices. Another way to purchase tapestries would be to go out to small, individually owned stores that sell them. I do not know of any big chain stores besides Urban Outfitters that sell them directly in their stores. Vendors at fairs along with the vendors that are set up on campus during the beginning of the year would also be another place to look at and purchase a tapestry.

As I mentioned earlier, Versha Tangda is the owner of Eyeconic Indian Arts and was the seller of this specific tapestry on In her biography provided by Etsy she mentions that her company started working with Etsy in order to get an opportunity to connect with people all over the world while maintaining a satisfied customer relations. They are regarded as a reliable service provider for men’s and women’s items as well as interior decorating items and paintings. One aspect that I found to be interesting was she noted that they “work in association with village’s craftsman, artisans, widow women and jobless persons who made all items by hand.” Customers shopping on Etsy also have the opportunity to contact or “ask a question” to the sellers of items that they are interested in. is described as a marketplace where people around the world can connect to buy and sell unique goods. It is an e-commerce website “focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items under Etsy’s new guidelines, released in October 2013.”

In terms of eWOM, there was nothing but positive feedback about the product itself. Customers said things such as “It’s so pretty,” “Awesome tapestry,” “Very nice fabric, I love it,” “Very affordable for such great quality,” and much more. The only downside that I read and that I experienced myself was that since it was shipped from India it took a little longer than expected to finally reach me. I believe that it takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks to be delivered to its destination. In my opinion, it was worth the wait because it is great quality and exactly what I expected.

I chose to post this particular item because I have seen this growing trend of tapestry wall hangings since coming to school. They can make great decorations as well as furniture covers. Many websites offer very reasonably priced but good quality tapestries. However, since there is a wider variety of tapestries that are sold online rather than in stores, customers might be more cautious when purchasing something that they cant tangibly hold in a store. I believe that if you find a reliable website that you are comfortable purchasing from than you can find a tapestry that will work for your unique style. I would definitely recommend this tapestry and any of the tapestries from Versha Tangda’s company. This tapestry is exactly what I expected to get in terms of color and pattern and quality; and the company was reliable and trustworthy. My generation especially seems to purchase tapestries for decorations, therefore this specific tapestry or any tapestry from this company is something that I would recommend in the future.


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Oct 05 2014

Nickel and Dimed Reflection

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My worst fears have been slightly confirmed by this book. I’ve known for a long time that living off one minimum wage job is impossible, but I never gave much thought to minimum wage in slightly impoverished areas. Everyone is forced to make a living, and although this study was completed a while ago, Barbra doesn’t have too hard of a time finding a job in either city. That made me laugh ironically, because this past summer I worked very hard, submitting dozens of application to only get two job offers, after two weeks.

Barbra was responsible with her money, but I shudder to think about those who do not plan as carefully. I’m sure that after working so hard at minimum wage jobs, people learn to be financially responsible. But there are always bumps in the road, and not everything is spelled out. For example, Barbra believes that George, accused of stealing, didn’t even know the rules about what is alright to take and what isn’t. It also seems as though there are certain “rules” to lower paying jobs, like how Barbra preferred to do housekeeping instead of being a front desk clerk.

Personally, I would rather be a front desk clerk, instead of cleaning rooms. But with that job, I’m sure, are a thousand smaller responsibilities attached. This end of corporate America is just unfavorable, and I very much hope that my degree after four years at UMW will be my salvation from it.

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