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Apr 20 2010

The All American Meal: Five Guys (Revised Post)


12:55 P.M. It hit me! That sudden pang of hunger that afflicts every living being sank in and I knew it was time to fill up my own personal tank. I was stuck at a red light in the middle of town square, surrounded on all sides by post offices, libraries, antique shops, and cute little European-style cafes. The latter were filled with the sweet aromas of baked bread and freshly brewed coffee. Yet, down several blocks, a more alluring scent grabbed my attention. It was fast food. No, I was never really a fan of many chain restaurants. I always found their food to be greasy and fake. Yet this was Five Guys, the home of authentic potatoes, peanuts, and burgers. My favorites from there were always the bacon cheeseburger, which came at a fair price of $5.89, and the much needed side of French Fries, which came packed into a styrofoam cup at $2.69. Yes, it may sound somewhat unhealthy, and on a regular basis, it most likely is. But when I first discovered this place, I was not only blown away by the succulent taste, but pleased by the note on their menu which indicated that drinks came with free refills and another which noted that the French Fries were “cooked in pure, no cholesterol, tasty peanut oil.” Also, the nutritional charts displayed that all menu items contained zero grams of trans fat, an unwholesome ingredient which the “food police” had recently targeted. So for me, that was it. I was hooked. Granted, I didn’t eat here everyday (that would give me a heart attack after a week or two), but every few weeks or months, I enjoyed bringing home a nice, slightly greased bag of hearty, well-cooked burgers and fries. It is a rich, satiating treat from time to time…definitely one worth noting. I encourage the rest of you (besides those who are vegetarians and vegans) to go out and purchase one of these heavy meals when you have (literally) the stomach and the time for it. It’ll delight your taste buds and cover you for several days worth of meals to come.



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By Peter H. Smeallie IV

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