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Mar 25 2010

Williams Williams Overture 88 Key Digital Piano

By Peter H. Smeallie IV

As the expression often goes, “music can tame even the most savage beast.” However, despite the power and indisputable truth of that statement, it’s also fair to say that we have never actually been told what type (genre) of music or instrumental sound the “savage beast” likes. Does this beast prefer soft classic music that flutters quietly through the air, or does he/she like explosive, head-banging rock. Does he/she prefer the combined sound of twenty French horns or two electric guitars? We may never know. But we do know one thing– if you want to cultivate a good ear for music or you just prefer the beautiful presence of music in your life, your solution is to get a piano, and not just any piano, but the the Williams Williams Overture 88 Key Digital Piano. The Williams Williams Overture 88 Key Digital Piano, which can be purchased at any Guitar Center outlet for a price of $549.99, includes a full vanity panel and sliding key cover incorporated into its design, and is the perfect tool for anybody seeking to produce that perfect pitch, rhythm, melody, or tone. The piano’s keys have selectable touch responses, and its soft pedals allow you to sustain chords and melodies. The piano also has a 64-note polyphony, 15 main and 128 General MIDI voices, a built-in metronome, 3 keyboard modes, and the capability to record two-track songs. In addition, it can accept inputs such as USB and MIDI cables, and has 2 outputs for stereo headphones. For me, the Williams Williams is a definite must not only because I love to play the piano, but also because I love to record songs. This piano has the ability to change voices, instruments, and textures/tones at the touch of a button, and that, to me, is an a-one convenience. For others, though, if you have even the slightest urge to grace a few ivory keys, I would urge you to buy the Williams Williams Overture 88 Key Digital Piano not only because its cheaper and less bulky than the average Baby Grand or Grand Piano, but also because, overall, it’s a magical work of modern-day, artistic technology.

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