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Mar 24 2010

The Martin Jetpack!

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I remember the days when I was a young lad playing Pilot Wings 64, and my favorite mode of play, as opposed to the helicopter or the hang glider was always the jetpack.  The game was a big deal at the time of release in ’96 because of its amazing 3D landscape and the ability of the player to explore the amazing levels.

But I digress.

When I came upon the Martin Jetpack I got very excited remembering my Pilot Wings days and was immediately interested.  In terms of originality, this product isn’t really a new idea (we all know what a jetpack is even though we’ve never seen or used one), the fact that it is built is amazing.  The website has a lot of information like “is it expensive to maintain?” (apparently compared to similar products, yes!) and “is it safe?”  (there isn’t really a straight answer for this one), but there is no “is it practical?”  To be considered an “ultralight” aircraft (this not requiring a pilot’s license), it has to fit a number of qualifications, one of which is that it cannot carry over 5 pounds of fuel.  The site also said that they are often used with a safety rope or with an attendant nearby, which makes me really struggle to find a use for this product.  At $90,000, this is a pretty expensive toy that can’t be used for much of anything.  The product will be available in late 2010. Until then, I’d suggest you brush up on your Pilot Wings 64 to be ahead of all the n00bs in the mandatory training.

Check out this video!

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