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Apr 21 2010


When I saw these shoes the first thing I thought of the TV show Arthur and this episode I liked as a kid.  Arthur got a pair of moon bounce shoes and paid for them by raking a lawn.  Because the leaves keep falling and he has to rake again, he decides instead to bounce into the tree and hit the leaves down so that they’ll all come down at once!  Genius!

I remember that Parker and I asked for moon bounce shoes after seeing that episode but alas – we never got them.  Anyway I came across these shoes on Amazon and they’re pretty ridiculous looking.

Mostly I hope that the shoes come with that awesome shirt.

I noticed while reading the customer reviews that a few people tried to turn it into the next Three Wolf Moon or Tuscan Milk.  It kind of failed because the top comments are parents talking about the product.

I looked these up on YouTube (who seriously spends time putting these videos up?!) and to be honest they don’t look like fun at all.  Maybe it’s because I had unrealistic expectations from watching Arthur and glorifying the product all of these years, but regardless.  The product doesn’t even look fun in the commercial!

But, I since the reviews say that kids love ‘em, I guess it’s a good product. Apparently, though, you should wear protective gear.  Who knew?

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